Monday, September 17, 2012

The Great Encounter...quick review

My lawd......I don't know what to make from last weekend. It was hella fun & I learned alot about actual "DJ Battling"...apparently its more about throwin shots via music rather than the actual music itself. Or at least that's what the crowd liked. People tell me I'm my biggest critic and I shouldn't be so hard on myself...but it is what it is....... is the first vid that popped up from the battle. I know you can't hear all the songs cuz A) The monitors on-stage weren't all that and of course B) This was a Division 2, WSSU Ram recording lol...

But Big ups to DJ Louis V & DJ Diesel they held it down for WSSU

And lil morning walk lol...i was hurtin lol

Friday, September 7, 2012

Quickie Mix #2

This Quickie Mix was geared toward the fast paced "Twerk Songs" ENJOY!!!!!!

I give you.............The Quickie Mix

So a friend, Day'ton { @Smash_NDash} gave me suggestion that I need to put my work up on youtube. At first I was like...whatever....I got ma usual website for all that....but when I got the thinkin......I came to the realization that you can never have too much exposure. Plus it gave  me an excuse to acquire some video editing software.....SO!!! here they are.....the First "DJ HeartLess Quickie Mix"