Monday, August 12, 2013

"The Workout" - TwerkMix (DANGER ZONE!)

In the coming days/weeks I will be releasing several face paced mixes...calling them (The Danger Zone after Sterling Archer). I feel that music these days is getting something kinda lazy & I'd like to remind the people what some uptempo music can do for their mood/spirit. The first of which, is a twerk mix, because its almost School time again (Shoutout to my Aggies) & Because I really haven't done a twerk mix in a looooooooooong time. So My gift to the people, especially the twerkers of America, is "The Workout".

Sunday, August 11, 2013

R&B Quickie! said Quickie....

Decided to do an R&B Quickie cuz I haven't touched R&B songs in quite a long time. I'm definitely gonna have to do more of these in the future mannnn.

R&B Quickie by Dj Heartless on Mixcloud

Random Mix (8/9/13)

Every once in awhile I'll cut on my turntables and whatever comes into my mind......I think for the sake of progress start recording these "Randoms" and post them.....yea...I think I'll start doing that. Hopefully I have time to do that once a week....Some of the things you'll hear, you might know....some might not know...just ENJOY